Looking like a Trail Nerd

(Photo taken during yesterday’s Virginia Creeper Trail Marathon).

I wear amber colored “sunglasses” to keep my eyes from running along with my legs in extreme cold or wind. That is the reason for the “dorky” glasses. But what about knee socks?

What do you think of compression clothing???
Due to on and off calf issues I am experimenting with compression sleeves for my calfs…and am wondering of the benefits (if any) of some of the high tech tights…I’d love to hear thoughts!

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3 Responses to Looking like a Trail Nerd

  1. Evan says:

    I like them in moutains races because they keep my legs from being all bloodied and scratched up from the shrubs, rocks, and low branches.

    Plus I have chicken legs.

  2. Ben aka "Good Ben" says:

    Trail Nerds have many different looks. http://www.psychowyco.com/

  3. andyb says:

    I have been using the Zensah sleeves for the past 9 or 10 months, as I too have had some calf issues. I really like the support they give my calves, and feel they have helped keep them healthy. I have read that they are supposed to help improve blood circulation as well, but I can’t confirm that. All I know is that I have not had any further issues with my calves, and they seem to recover from long runs pretty quickly.

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