Meet Athlete David Horton

Mountain Hardwear Store – March 28 at 10 am

722 SW Taylor St. Portland, Oregon Tel: 503.226.6868

  • David, an accomplished UltraRunner finished over 120 Ultra Races
  • Showing of the film – “The Runner”
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Join David, after the presentation, on a 15-20 mile run at Cascade Locks (about 1 hour away from the Portland Mountain Hardwear store
  • Door prizes and raffles for attendees
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One Response to Meet Athlete David Horton

  1. annette bednosky says:

    You have got to see this movie. I love to run and cry…and HATE to cry in public! When I first saw the trailer for the film in fall of 2005 I did all I could to keep my tears from falling (It was the evening of the Masochist and Montrail Ultra Championships and I was trying to be tough.)

    Fast forward to early 2006. George and I went to a 1st showing in Lynchburg, VA and openly cried my eyes out. Passion. Adventure. Dedication. Frustration. Support. Stubborness. Silliness. Horror.
    We’ve all been there. And this little film will bring back those experiences as empathy, longingness (for adventure)and great respect for David and his supporters-and I think too -though I understand it little, for David’s Christian Faith. A powerful story and film. It is worth watching. I have bought 3 copies to share and now own one. My salutes to David and crew and JB and crew!

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