Quick Update: American River 50

Montrail would like to congratulate Annette Bednosky on her outstanding run on Saturday at the American River 50 in Sacramento. On a sunny day that saw comfortable temps and low winds, Annette cruised to the finish and was 3rd place female, with a time of 7:11:21. As usual, she crossed the finish line with a huge smile and lots of hugs. 1st place female was Kami Semick, 2nd place went to Jen Pfeifer. See full results here.

It’s truly a pleasure to support Annette and watch her run these tough endurance races. She epitomizes the essence of endurance running and in our opinion, the sport or trail running could use a few more Annette Bednoskys in the world. Well done!

Read her race report here.

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  1. wells2123 says:

    Congrats Annette, I follow her blog and she does epitomize the essence of endurance running. Congrats!!

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