Catalina Eco-Marathon: 3 "Wows" and a Discount

Written by Amanda Reyes of Spectrum Sports Management

So last week I visited Catalina Island in hopes of becoming an expert on the ever-so-challenging Catalina Eco Marathon…and oh did I ever!

After coming back from that trip there seemed to be 3 great (or should I say amazing) aspects that this marathon offers.

Wow #1 – The Island: Catalina is a beautiful island off the coast of Southern California. It’s 22 miles long and eight miles across. This island only has a population of 3,696 persons, with about 85% living in it’s only town of Avalon. Which means that this island is vastly covered with terrain and wildlife, so there are tons of beautiful trails and plenty of history.

Wow #2 – The Course: Catalina offers about 21 different routes that transversely hug the ridgelines of the island’s mountains. Majority of the island is terrain with beautiful rolling trails that take you along the ocean ridgeline where you can spot sea life, through the valleys where herds of wild buffalo roam, and to the highest point of the island where you can spot a bald eagle overhead or just soak in the amazing 360 degree view. The rugged beauty gives you a sense of freedom which will either make you say “wow” or simply take your breath away!

Wow #3 – The Medal: So I recently opened the July issue of Competitor magazine and found that the Eco Marathon medal has evidently “wowed” it’s recipients. A picture of the medal is on page 30 or you can find it on the official Eco Marathon website. The article stated that this medal is a top desired medal among marathon runners! I don’t own an Eco Medal but I held one the other day and it is definitely something that is worth the hard work.

Check out some photos of the course and from my trip to Catalina Island on Spectrum Sport’s Management’s facebook page.

I will be there for this year’s Eco Marathon on Nov. 14th. I hope to see you there as well. Thanks to Montrail for their support!

Spectrum Sports Management wants to give all of you Montrail fans a chance to experience the “wow” of the Catalina Eco Marathon, so here is a promo code that will give you $10 off of the marathon registration fee.

-Expires September 30th at 11:59pm

For more information contact

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