Meet Dakota Jones – New Montrail Athlete

The newest addition to Team Montrail for 2010 is also our youngest (ever?) athlete, and one we’re really excited about. Dakota Jones is 19 and lives in Durango, Colorado. He’s been running track and cross country his entire life, loves running trail, and only in the past few years became interested in ultrarunning. To boot, Dakota’s been a Montrail wearer for a long time.

Dakota had a big year in 2009, including some races and finishes that are pretty impressive. In February, Dakota took 5th place (p.r. with 4:32:49) in Moab’s Red Hot 50k, finishing ahead of some pretty established and talented runners. In May, Dakota took 2nd place at the Jemez Mountain Trail Run 50 mile with a time of 9:53. He ran a 1:16:54 half marathon at the Canyonlands Half Marathon in March, paced a friend at Hardrock, and recently set a new course record for the Ultimate XC Moab 20 mile race.

Clearly, Dakota is an extremely talented runner and seems to excel on mountain courses. He’ll be running The North Face Endurance Championship this weekend to test his abilities against some of the world’s best. We’re very excited to have Dakota running for Montrail and look forward to following his growth and progress.

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13 Responses to Meet Dakota Jones – New Montrail Athlete

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't you wish you could be like Dakota Jones

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes, yes i do

  3. Steve Jones says:

    Dakota is an awesome dude who will be a big time ultra runner. (by his father)

  4. saschasdad says:

    Welcome to Team Montrail, Dakota! I look forward to meeting you and running with you this weekend in the Headlands.

  5. Gary Robbins says:

    Great to see some young blood coming into the sport! Best of luck at NF this weekend!!

  6. annette bednosky says:

    Welcome to Team Montrail Dakota! Have fun in CA this coming weekend. I expect we'll meet somewhere in the mountains in 2010…Cheers!

  7. Paige Elliott says:

    Dakota Jones is the best. Team Montrail's lucky to have him.

  8. auntd says:

    from XC to NF ENDURANCE running… Dakota Jones loves the trails!! fly DJ feet!! #1 cheering fan, aunt d

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dakota Jones is a mountain goat!

    xoxo Shep (you better remember who this is!)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dakota Jones is the Ultimate Pimp of Running

  11. Jon says:

    Hey Dakota. Last time I saw you was at leadville 100 pacing Tony Kocanda from Twin Lakes. Congrats, you deserve it. Let's get together and hit horse gulch some time.

  12. Steph says:

    That Jones kid is fast. Have you ever seen someone as fast as lightening. I mean I’ve never seen someone so fast and I’ve seen a lot of fast people.

  13. Dakota Jones says:

    Uhh alright I’m apparently some awesome runner an didn’t even know it. Sweet!

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