TNF 50 mile

Team Montrail sent a small, but kick-butt, group to TNF 50 mile race in the beautiful Marin Headlands near San Francisco this weekend.

Geoff has had an incredilbe year this year, setting course records all over the country. He ran shoulder-to-shoulder with Uli for 40 miles, at which point Geoff had a bit of a low point, Uli noticed this, and made the winning move. Geoff re-grouped and finished a strong second in 6:40, besting the old course record. On the girl’s side, Joelle kicked some booty, too. She duked it out with Caitlin for the first half, and then Caitlin gradually pulled away the second 25. But Joelle also finished a strong 2nd (18th overall) in 7:53, and like Geoff, also under the old course record. Joelle and Geoff both received a nice payday in the form of $4k!

Young buck Dakota had a great debut on the national ultrarunning scene. After starting strong, he took a little scenic detour. When he caught back up to me, he didn’t seem at all fazed by it. He just trotted along, making up for lost time. Dakota finished 14th overall in 7:43, easily winning his age group. And, it was his 19th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dakota!

Long time Montrailian Luanne couldn’t let the kids get all of the attention. So she didn’t. Showing that she’s as tough as always, Luanne also won her age group, finishing as 5th woman overall, in 9:09.

Thanks to Jesse for coming out to play cheerleader. We really appreciate your support!

Congratulations, team! I had a great time hanging out with you all.

Full results.

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