Geoff Roes Wins Western States 100!!!

Congratulations to Geoff Roes on his win and new course record at Western States 100!!!  Geoff turned on the after burners at about mile 75, where he was 12 minutes behind the leaders, Anton and Kilian.  Geoff eventually caught them at mile 89 and never looked back, en route to a new course record time of 15:07:04

Here’s how the other Montrail athletes finished:

Gary Robbins – 6th place overall

Erik Skaden – 11th place overall

Joelle Vaught – 7th place female

Annette Bednosky – 8th place female

Luanne Park – 13th place female

Jill Perry – 23rd place female

Congratulations to all the runners of the 2010 Western States 100!!

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