Montrail Ultra Cup Final Standings

As we knew would happen, the standings shifted based on finish times at Western States 10o.  Congratulations to the champions and to the top 5 men and women in the Ultra Cup standings.  Here’s how it shook out:


1. Glen Redpath – 248.85 points

2. Geoff Roes – 229.65

3. Rod Bien – 215.99

4. Erik Skaden – 214.08

5. Victor Ballesteros – 204.20


1. Meghan Arbogast – 253.48

2. Annette Bednosky – 247.69

3. Pam Smith – 243.28

4. Jill Perry – 203.01

5. Joelle Vaught – 186.63

Complete standings can be found at Real Endurance.  Stay tuned for announcements regarding the 2010/2011 Montrail Ultra Cup series.

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