Congratulations Ellie Greenwood, 1st place Canadian Death Race

Canadian Montrail athlete Ellie Greenwood continues her streak of wins this year with another big one on Saturday.  Ellie ran The North Face’s Canadian Death Race, a 125km grueling foot race with over 17,000 feet of elevation gain, and finished 1st place female with a new course record time of 13:28:39!!  She broke the old record by roughly 50 minutes.

Ellie ran her first ever 100km earlier this year and won the race outright.  This time she’s showed again how strong she is at the longer distance and bigger hills.  Ellie’s having an incredible year, including 5 wins at distances ranging from half marathon to 125km.  Congratulations Ellie!!

Watch for a race report on Ellie’s blog.

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One Response to Congratulations Ellie Greenwood, 1st place Canadian Death Race

  1. Gary Robbins says:

    Not to mention she was 2nd overall behind only Hal Koerner, who broke the CR himself!
    Ellie ran the second fastest time in the history of the event and was only 43min back of Hal, having run nearly identical splits over the final 60k of the race!

    The deeper you go the more impressive this really is…and she’s JUST GETTING STARTED!!


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