Roes Races to Victory at TNF 50 Mile in Georgia

Montrail endurance speedster Geoff Roes flew south to Georgia last weekend to run The North Face Endurance Challenge southeast regional at Pine Mountain, in the southern Appalachia.  Geoff had a strong run en route to another win in a time of 7:42:48.  Geoff raced in his Elmoro Singlet from Mountain Hardwear and his Montrail Mountain Masochist trail shoes.

Geoff has compiled another impressive race resume for the year, here’s what it looks like:

Way Too Cool 50k – 3rd place

American River 50 – 1st place

Bear Mountain 50 – 1st place, course record

Western States 100 – 1st place, course record

Crow Pass Crossing – 1st place, course record

Run Rabbit Run 50 – 1st place, course record

TNF Endurance Challenge 50, Atlanta – 1st place

Next on Geoff’s schedule is TNF Endurance Championship in the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco.  Geoff has finished near the top the last few years and will certainly be looking for the win in December.  Should be a great race, with many of the countries top runners entered and gunning for a share of the cash prizes.

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