Ellie Greenwood Wins IAU 100km World Championship

Congratulations to Montrail athlete Ellie Greenwood, the new 1ookm World Champion!!  Ellie finished in a time of 7:26:42 and in a dramatic finish, took the lead on the final lap and won by a matter of seconds.

Ellie has had a year for the record books, posting wins and course records at the marathon distance, 50km, 50 mile and 100km.  She ran her first ever 100km race earlier this year and now she’s the World Champion.  Wow

Congratulations Ellie, enjoy this one!  We’ll see you in Marin in early December for the TNF Endurance Championship.

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One Response to Ellie Greenwood Wins IAU 100km World Championship

  1. Jill Perry says:

    Great job in Gibraltar! So proud of your accomplishment!

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