Montrail Ultra Cup Race Preview | 2011 Miwok 100km

Written by Dakota Jones

The Miwok 100k will be held this Saturday in the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco for the sixteenth year in a row, and Montrail will be there.

But in addition to my own stellar presence, this year the race will once again be a major stop on the Montrail Ultra Cup. With this year’s series winding up in just three races, competitors are actively vying for the top spot and $5000 cash, as well as a pile of other killer prizes. The most likely candidate to jump to the top this weekend is Dave Mackey, currently in fourth place but more at home and experienced on the Marin trails than most people. However, current leader Dan Olmstead will be looking to defend his spot, as will second-place Scott Jaime. On the women’s side, Meghan Arbogast will be running to maintain the top spot and simultaneously hold off fourth-place Clare Abram and fifth-place Gretchen Brugman. Meghan’s lead of 164.69 points is going to be a major barrier for Abram and Brugman (116.63 and 114.16 points, respectively), but a good performance by either of them could put Arbogast’s lead in jeopardy, especially if they plan to run Western States in June. This time of year is when those runners with their eyes on the Ultra Cup prizes really start to realize that, “holy s—, I could actually win $5000” and then do something about it.

But the competition is not confined just to Ultra Cup competitors. In addition to those people mentioned above, Nathan Yanko (interview), Ian Sharman, Hal Koerner, Mike Wolfe, myself, Yassine Diboun and Scott Jaime will be racing. The women are no less competitive, with Krissy Moehl, Pam Smith, Suzanna Bon, Helen Cospolich and Tracy Dimino all showing up to kick some…dirt. Also running will be a lot of fast people I have completely omitted, for which I apologize. The idea to take away from this is that Miwok is going to be really competitive, so don’t miss the fun.

My last run through Marin in December was one of the best races I’ve had, and I’m hoping to have the same kind of day on Saturday. Though this race is far less competitive than the TNF 50, the competition that will be there is intense. But more importantly, I’m hoping to put in a strong effort that will boost my confidence with two months to go before Hardrock. This will be a good race to judge my fitness after several months of hard training behind me, and the best months of the year ahead. The number one goal of the day is to feel confident in my running fitness at the end of the day.

Though the course is somewhat changed from previous years, the race will nonetheless be the same stunning display of the natural beauty of the area in combination with a terrific challenge for all the runners as before. The race-day forecast is calling for a high of 71 and a low of 53, which is another way of saying that the dirt gods are certainly going to be smiling on us all day. I intend to worship them all day by running as hard as possible for 62.6 miles through the mountains. That’s why we run.

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  1. Best wishes to you Dakota! Run smart and strong and FLY!
    I’ll think of you during the NF Bear 50M in NY….Run, laddie run (and kick some…dirt!)

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