Ultra Cup Standings Through Miwok 100k

The standings are close! We’re all wrapped up with the exception of Western States 100 and the stage is set for a showdown! The men’s race is all about the top 3, very close and competitive. For the women, Meghan Arbogast has a tight lock on first place, but 2nd and 3rd are up for grabs. We’re excited to see how things shake out, stay tuned! View the Montrail Ultra Cup Standings here.

Men’s Top 5
Dan Olmstead 222.50
Scott Jamie 219.07
Dave Mackey 219.00
Owen Bradley 161.21
Timothy Olson 158.84


Women’s Top 5
Meghan Arbogast 225.89
Pam Smith 187.76
Amy Sproston 185.75
Clare Abram 171.14
Gretchen Brugman 170.04
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4 Responses to Ultra Cup Standings Through Miwok 100k

  1. Fred Wilson says:

    When will the Ice Age Trail 50 miler results be added to the standings for the Montrail Ultra Cup?

  2. Fred Wilson says:

    Hey, what URL will show me the CUP standings to include ICE AGE Trail 50mi?

    • Montrail says:

      Montrail Ultra Cup Standings can be found here. The Ice Age Trail will be up soon.


      • Fred Wilson says:

        Thanks much, strictly a 56 year old plodder, kind of cool to see my name at number 28, below Olmstead, Arbogast, Mackey, etc. I started with the Bandera 100k in January, managed only 3 Montrail races, so won’t get the great jacket this year, will treasure the patch anyway! What a great series…

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