Hot and Humid Conditions at the World Championships

This past weekend Montrail athletes Max King and Megan Lund-Lizotte raced as part of Team USA in the World Mountain Running Championships in Tirana, Albania. With temperatures reaching 95 degrees, all competitors were faced with an added challenge.

USA’s Kasie Enman and Max King pulled through the sweltering heat to take the gold. Congrats to Team USA men and women who both took 4th place overall. “In my nine years as team leader, I’ve never been more proud of our athletes than I am today,” said Richard Bolt, “Kasie and Max’s performances blew me away. They made winning a World Championship look easy.” Kasie Enman is the first senior woman from the U.S. to earn an individual gold medal. She led the senior women to a fourth place finish. Her time was 40:39 over the 8.59 kilometer course. She was followed by Montrail’s Megan Lund-Lizotte in 12th place with a time of 43:56 improving upon her 21st place finish in 2010. Continue reading here.

World Champ, Max King | Photo

Max King’s thoughts upon the race:
“The weather was really hot, like 95 degrees, so I knew that would be an issue for many. The Ugandan team was there, and they are usually the team to beat. We all assumed that the heat wouldn’t affect them. I went into the race not thinking about a win, but figured top 10 would be realistic and top 5 would be great. I was really comfortable on the first lap, not pushing too hard, yet keeping pace with the Ugandans. I think I bounced around between 6th and 3rd through laps two and three. On the last lap, I was able to pick off all the Ugandans with the exception of one. I was in 2nd at the top of the last lap, but was a good 30 seconds behind the leader, from Uganda. I was flying down the final downhill when I noticed that there was a guy in front of me who stopped running and started to walk, and he wasn’t in good shape. I figured I was lapping him, had no idea he was the leader until I turned the final corner and saw the finish line tape was up. I made that final pass with 800m to go, and that runner never actually finished the race. The heat clearly got to him. I was surprised and extremely excited to cross the finish line in first place.”

Megan Lund-Lizotte and Max King


2011 IAU 100k World Championships Results

In Winschoten, Netherlands Meghan Arbogast from Oregon lead the American women with a fifth place showing in 7:51:10. Annette Bednosky of North Carolina was the next US woman with a sixth place finish in 7:54:59. While Amy Sproston of Oregon had a rough start dealing with stomach issues but ended up sticking it out and placed eleventh in 8:10:11. Unfortunately, Ellie Greenwood had nausea and DNFed the race in warm, humid conditions. For the men Montrail’s Andy Henshaw took 3rd place overall with 6:44:35 time. More info can be found here.

Amy Sproston | Photo Raymond Pretat

Words from Amy Sproston:
“I had a rough day. I started out strong the first two laps, but then had stomach issues that forced me to make 6+ pit stops in laps 3 and 4. I took several imodium and my stomach calmed down by lap 5. Laps 5 and 6 weren’t fast for me–I think I was just deflated after falling way back in laps 3 and 4 and wasting so much time in porta-potties, but I moved back into 4th for the team by lap 6, as Pam and Carolyn were struggling with their own issues (stomach and knee). So, when I saw that Devon dropped at the start of lap 8, I was now our 3rd runner, and knowing that motivated me to move up being that 3 runners score for the team. I picked up my pace in laps 8 and 9, and ran one of my stronger laps on lap 10 moving from 17th to 11th place, and actually had the fastest split for women on lap 10. The US aid station crews kept yelling at me that a podium spot depended on me, which lit a bit of a fire.”

Andy Henshaw‘s comments on the race:
“The race started out really fast! I think the first person came through the 10k in about 35 minutes. So everybody just tried to keep their cool for the first few laps. After a while I began clicking off 38 minute lap really easily. At the 50k I was well within grasp of the American Record. Unfortunately, the sun came out and with it the heat. It reached 78 degrees with full sun exposure!!! During the final 50k I was dousing myself with sponges every 100 meters. On the last three laps my legs began cramping so badly I had to stop and stretch them every few minutes. I knew it wasn’t going to be a record day, but I still held on and placed 2nd for the team, 3rd overall. I’m ecstatic to be a part of the first American team to win a 100K World Championships as a team!”

Meghan Arboghast 2010 IAU 100 km WC – 5th –7:46:01
Andy Henshaw (2011 USA 100k Champion) – 3rd place overall – 6:44:35
Annette Bednosky – 6th female – 7:54:59
Amy Sproston – 11th female – 8:10:11
Ellie Greenwood – DNF
Team USA Men – GOLD
Team USA Women – SILVER

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2 Responses to Hot and Humid Conditions at the World Championships

  1. Matt Hawkins says:

    Great stuff Max K. The terrain along with the grueling heat made the race brutally tough I’m sure. I’m glad you had your Swiftwick socks on! Well done

  2. Don and sharon Jenkins says:

    Great going, Amy. Way to go, Lady Zipper! we are proud of you!
    Don and Sharon Jenkins

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