World Championships Abound

Tis the season for World Championships.  Both the mountain running and endurance running disciplines will see major championships go down in Europe this weekend, and Montrail athletes will take part in a major way.

9/10/11 – 100km World Championship – Winschoten, Netherlands

Athletes racing: Ellie Greenwood (Team UK), Andy Henshaw (Team USA), Annette Bednosky (Team USA), Amy Sproston (Team USA)

Ellie won this race last year, making her the 2010 Women’s 100km World Champion.  Andy Henshaw won the 100km USA Championships in May and is a contender for a top finish at Worlds.  Annette and Amy are both strong 100km runners and have been training diligently for this race.

The race features 230 athletes representing 35 countries, both record numbers for the 100km world championship.  The course is a 10k loop on pavement, perfectly flat with a whopping one meter of elevation gain/loss per loop.

9/11/11 – World Mountain Running Championships – Tirana, Albania

Team USA 2010, in Slovenia

Athletes racing for Team USA: Max King, Megan Lund-Lizotte

Max and Megan both participated in this World Championship last year, where Max placed 18th overall (2nd USA), and Megan was 21st female.

This year, the course is a lap course; men will run the 4.5km lap with 285m of elevation gain three times, ladies will run it twice. 35 countries announced participation this year, with over 300 runners.  This is not an event that the Americans have done real well in historically, yet each year USA shows improvement.  TV coverage will be live for 5 hours on national Albania TV.

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