Orcas Island 50K: a half-ass effort

by Montrail on February 14, 2012

The top of the last big climb: Mt. Constitution | Photo by Glen


I went into Orcas not having any expectations. I thought I could have a solid run, or I could be tired, but didn’t think at all about goals or strategy. The gun went off and I set out with the intention to run hard, but about a mile into it on Saturday, I pulled back for reasons that are kind of hard to explain. I just had zero desire to have a stressful day, and opted for a long hard effort rather than race. It took me about a third of the race to really get out of my “I would rather extract my toenails than race today” funk as I trudged up hills I would typically run in training, but really did enjoy most of the middle miles and end. Continue reading.

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