Chuckanut 50k

The Showdown

As many of you already know, Chuckanut 50k this past weekend didn’t go quite as planned for me. It was unfortunate that a turn didn’t get marked in time for when I passed through and as much as I wish things like that didn’t happen, they do in trail races where course marking and coordination are a logistical nightmare for RD’s. They do their best to get it correct and I know they feel terrible when someone, anyone, goes off course in their race.

The deepest 50k field this year?

The deepest 50k field this year?

Up until that fateful misstep I was having a heck of a race though and that’s what I’m happy about. If there was one thing that I wished that I had had it would have been pants. Yup, I was freezing from the waist down. I could get a little warm going uphill but anything flat or when it was snowing or raining it was pretty miserable. I just needed some tights.


All the gear worked out perfectly though. I wore my Barn Red Rogue Racers which worked for everything but the muddiest sections of the course. I had my warm Swiftwick Armwarmers on under a long sleeve Wicked Lite shirt with my Way2Cool singlet on over the top. The new Race Vest has been working great for 50ks and training runs. It’s been the best way I’ve found to carry water, food, and anything else I’m going to need on the trail. Below is a little video with a review I did of the pack in Sierre-Zinal. I blew right through every aid station in the race just by carrying 40oz of water and the gels I would need.

Montrail Sierre-Zinal Small

Phenomenal race by Ellie and Joelle too. Nice work this weekend Ellie. When you passed me I might as well have been walking. She crushed the last 9 miles.

Very Strong Showing by Sage Canaday

Coming up next is the Gorge Waterfalls 50k this weekend. I was kind of hoping for a nice easy long run but then guys like Ian Sharman, Erik Skaggs, and Yassine Diboun signed up. They’re going to make me run an honest race I feel like. I’m hoping to stay on course this time and if I learned anything from last weekend, I’m wearing pants. The Effusion Tights from Mountain Hardwear have been my go-to tights of choice lately, a little water and wind protection where I need it and very low movement restriction for going fast.

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6 Responses to Chuckanut 50k

  1. Kurt Decker says:

    Hey Max tuff luck. Sorry that happen last weekend but what can you do huh? Anyhow hope you have a great rest of your spring as I look forward to watch people like you continue to help our sport move forward. Now if you can just work on getting guys like Matty “old balls” G to give this stuff a try!!

  2. Jacob Puzey says:

    Great write-up in typical class-act fashion. Thanks for staying positive and sharing your head-up mentality with the rest of us. Good luck this weekend!

  3. Ellie says:

    Great attitude Max and a solid effort that will line you up well (and put a little fuel on the fire) for Gorge Waterfalls. have a great race out there and lots more races to come in 2012 :)

  4. Jack Meyer says:

    Great write up Max! Hope you have a great run this coming weekend. And congrats to Ellie. She’s a little packet of dynomite! :)


  5. Mark says:

    This was more of a product plug than a race report.

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