Greenwood and Vaught take Podium at Chuckanut 50k

1st place, Ellie Greenwood – 4:09:28
3rd place, Joelle Vaught – 4:35:15

For the second year in a row, Ellie Greenwood set a women’s course record en route to winning the Chuckanut 50k. In the following interview, find out how she was pushed by Jodee Adams-Moore this year, how she approached poor footing, and what it took to run a course record in less than ideal conditions. For more about Ellie’s 2011 race and her training this winter watch our pre-race interview with her.


Ellie Greenwood’s Race Report
The week prior to Chuckanut I was definitely keen to shoot for a new CR. I was somewhat confident my training had gone well as I had managed to get in decent mileage and was only lacking back-to-back long runs due to a new work schedule, but then back-to-back long runs really aren’t needed for a ‘fast’ 50km like Chuckanut. I had also worked well on my hill running and was excited to see if that 15% on the treadmill had paid off! However, a few days prior to the race the weather report sounded a lot like I was bringing the Alberta weather with me – snow up high and more forecast, this was slightly disappointing as I figured it would slow the course and thus a CR would not be in the cards. No matter, all runners would be in the same situation and as ultra trail runners we all know you just have to take what the weather throws at you. Read Ellie’s full race report Knuckling Down, Sucking It Up.

Joelle Vaught running through the snow at Chuckanut 50k


Joelle Vaught’s Race Report
The course starts with 10k of quite flat paved and gravel trail which means it is going to be fast. I rarely run flat so I knew this would be a challenge for me. I settled in to a nice pace with Jenn Shelton and Toshi also chatting with Brett Rivers and Pam Smith for a bit. I was thankful for the trail to start climbing but unfortunately my legs were feeling as strong as I had hoped. Continue reading the Chuckanut race report on Joelle’s blog, Pigtails and Montrails.

Chuckanut 50k Women’s Results and Men’s Results. More stories and information about the race on

Bellingham Herald photo gallery.

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