Will Dakota Jones Break the Zion Traverse Record?

The Trans-Zion Trek (sometimes also called the “Zion Traverse”) is a 48-mile route across Zion National Park in Southwestern Utah. It runs from Lee Pass in the Kolob Canyons section of the park, to the East Entrance Trailhead, though stunning and diverse high desert landscape. The route is typically done as a 5-day backpacking trip.

Dakota Jones will be attempting to break Matt Hart‘s Zion Traverse record, 7h58m tomorrow morning. He will be starting at about 7am.


“I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a speed record because the high trails are heinously muddy, but I’ll try.” – Dakota


Matt Hart holds the FKT for the Trans-Zion run, 7h58m, set on May 12, 2010.


The following is Matt Hart’s Zion Traverse Report after breaking the record,

Fastest known times page: In may of 2008 i visited my buddy karl meltzer in salt lake city. He had just returned from running across the entire zion national park with jared campbell. They had revived this incredible route and had taken some sweet video. Karl was pretty excited about the run (blog report on it w/video). I had never been to zion, but the seed was planted.

I arrived at the grotto bridge to meet linda in 1hr 40m. For the first section i had run with a nathan elite pack and a 10oz water bottle. I met linda at the grotto bridge and took a full nathan #020 running pack with 70oz of nuun in it. It felt sooo heavy. But I had 21 miles until i would see her again and it was the biggest part of the run with the 3,000 – 4,000ft climb up to the west rim. i ran that about 2mins faster than my scouting run and was feeling pretty good. once on the west rim the hr dropped and the smile extended. Stunningly beautiful scenary has a way of transporting me from the pain cave to a happier place. Continue reading.

Video showing parts of the Zion Traverse with Matt Hart’s Running Camp.
Day 3 of Zion Vitamin D Camp we ran the across the whole park. 50 miles of awesome.
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