Dakota & Max Hope to Break Grand Canyon R2R2R Record

Monday April 23, Max King and Dakota Jones hope to break Dakota’s R2R2R Grand Canyon, AZ record of 6h53min38s. “The rim to rim to rim, double crossing, out-n-back, or simply r2r2r is a substantial overnight hike for most people, who must already possess a level of fitness the average American will likely never attain. To run the r2r2r in a day takes the adventure to a new level, a goal that has been plunked into most trail runners’ bucket lists.” Continue reading Nov 2011 article featuring Dakota’s first record on Inside Trail Racing

Max King and Dakota Jones hope to break the 6h53min38s R2r2R Grand Canyon Record


Background via Fastest Known Time Pro Boards:

Cureton held the R2R2R record for 25 years at 7h51m23s, set in an actual race on 11/9/1981 (S to N to S Kaibab trails). Races have long been banned in the National Parks. The record was finally bested on 11/10/2006 by Kyle Skaggs, 7h37m. Kyle had to run a little extra due to a bridge being out. A year later (11/10/2007) Dave Mackey ran 6h59m56s. Mackey reported being held up for several minutes on his ascent back up the South Kaibab by a mule train. Mackey’s record held for about 4 years before being broken by Dakota Jones who ran 6h53m38s on Nov. 5, 2011.


Dakota Jones Grand Canyon R2R2R FKT – Nov 2011

Dakota Jones reported on his Blog as follows:

1.) Nobody goes into it rested. Everybody just runs the Grand Canyon as a training run, or in between races, or when getting back into shape. Nobody trains and tapers specifically for the Grand Canyon.
2.) You’re going to blow up on the ascent back to the South Rim. Stop deluding yourself – it’s going to happen. You can’t avoid it. However, I will stick my neck out and say that a fit and rested runner who finds the Canyon in good condition could significantly lower the time. My prediction is that within five years the men’s record will be under six hours. Go ahead – call me out on that. It will happen.” Jones also reported the following splits: River(49m), North Rim(3h22m), River(5h12m), South Rim(6h53m38s). Read the full Nov 2011 Grand Canyon report here.

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