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Steamboat Springs, Colorado will be alive this weekend with TWO great races.  This year marks the sixth running of the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile event and the first running of the 100 mile event.  It also is the second race in the Montrail Ultra Cup series, which began with Waldo 100k in August (results and standings can be found here).  With Race Director Fred Abramowitz at the helm (the official DH…Designated Hugger), these races are destined to be a fun and entertaining event, if you have any questions about the great humor and fun involved in this race, please visit the Runner Rules here.  Some highlights –

  • The clock runs until you hug the Designated Hugger (DH).
  • MULING – HARES – FUHGETTABOUTIT. And, while we’re not setting any hard and fast rules about it for Hares, that includes receiving physical assistance from other runners. You are running as an individual – this is not bicycle racing.
  • You must complete the course on foot, with no assistance from vehicles, bicycles or animals. No scooters, skateboards or roller skates either. Or hot air balloons.
  • Generally, no cheating. If you wonder if what you are doing is cheating, it probably is.

What isn’t funny business is the prize money. A couple events are popping up around the country with the idea that ultrarunners deserve actual cash purses!  While Run Rabbit Run didn’t quite reach its goal of a $100k prize purse this year, the $40k is not a shabby start.   The following is a breakdown of the 100 mile prize purse –


1st Place Male     $10000
2nd Place Male   $3500
3rd Place Male    $2000
4th Place Male    $1500
5th Place Male    $1000
Masters Premium (over 40)   $1000 (min 4 starters)

1st Place Female     $10000
2nd Place Female   $3500
3rd Place Female    $2000
4th Place Female    $1500
5th Place Female    $1000
Masters Premium (over 40)   $1000  (minimum 4 starters)


1st Place Male     $300
2nd Place Male   $200
3rd Place Male    $150
1st Place M/over 40     $150
1st Place M/over 50     $150
Fastest Flatlander /M  $100

1st Place Female     $300
2nd Place Female   $200
3rd Place Female    $150
1st Place F/over 40     $150
1st Place F/over 50     $150
Fastest Flatlander /F  $100


Along with the prize money, 100 milers can compete for those coveted spots in Western States 100 in 2013. The top two 50 milers have Western States slots to run for as well!  What Fred and the rest of the RRR team is doing is really pushing a sport that’s growing leaps and bounds right now and Montrail is proud to be a part of such an exciting time.

This year’s race will be covered by  This includes all race distances and all classifications.  Please visit the Run Rabbit Run website to follow all the action live –  (

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