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Posted on December 18, 2008 by Montrail

We are excited to announce the addition of two talented and motivated athletes to Team Montrail for 2009. Geoff Roes and Amy Agnolutto will join our current group of ultrarunners and will add to the competitive spirit and enthusiastic attitude of our team.

Geoff Roes currently resides up north in Alaska and spends a good amount of time training and racing.  He comes from a background of running and endurance sports, and is new to the ultrarunning scene within the past few years.  Geoff began running ultras in 2007 and has made a name for himself in that short time, with a 3rd place finish at Miwok and 1st place at Wasatch 100 in 2008. Most recently Geoff took 5th at the very competitive North Face Endurance Championship in Marin, CA.  We are excited to support Geoff and watch him grow both in his running and his overall involvement in the sport.

Amy Agnolutto lives in Davidsonville, MD, and is also a fresh face in the ultrarunning world, but no stranger to running distance. She is one year removed from a college career in which she ran competitively for Messiah College, and now coaches high school track and is a performance trainer at Parisi Speed School. Amy ran her first 50 miler in October 2007, the Can Lakes 50, and was the top female finisher in the Open division. Impressive. Since then she’s run very well in a handful of other ultras and is looking forward to her first 100 mile race at Rocky Raccoon. We look forward to seeing Amy experience some bigger and badder trail ultras in 2009 and for years to come.

Welcome these two to the team and look for them on the trails in 2009.

upcoming Montrail family members

Left to Right: The New 2009 Hardrock, 2009 Mountain Masochist and my dear ‘ole Continential Divides.

This afternoon I received a pair of sample Montrail 2009 Hardrocks and Mountain Masochists to wear. I know the new HR are reportedly much different from the “old” ones… (less “burly”)yet since I have been such a loyal Leona and Continential Divide wearer, going to something more stable and beefy was never necessary. So I personally can’t make a comparison to the “old” HR.

Last month I got a chance to see the Mountain Masochist at a pre race meeting for the race with the same name and was intrigued by the lightness and meaningful tread on the bottom.

I had a late night from work today and have only been able to try them on at this point-yet offer these 1st impressions:

Masochist: light. snug heel, low to the ground, narrow toe box (I anticipate needing to tape and glide my little toe on my R foot due to where the middle piece of webbing attaches to the top of the shoe). Arch placement of R and L shoes seem different. I usually use superfeet as an insert, yet will “test” with original insole before switching. Wearing in my kitchen cleaning dishes makes me want to run!

HR: Reminds me of the Gortex Hurricane Ridge. Firm. Generous but not too big toe box. Snug heel. Really cool looking. Lacing system a little complicated for cold/wet hands needing to re tie shoes. They need to be testing on the rocks of the Appalachian Trail asap!

I plan on some good rocky, muddy runs of distance this weekend in the Southern Applachians while so many of my ultrarunning friends are surviving Horton’s Hellgate 100k or the Sunmart races in TX!

Teach the Children Well

Here at Montrail, we our proud to say that our team of sponsored ultrarunners are not only incredible athletes with admirable skill and determination on the trails, but are also great all-around people, who do things outside of running that make the world a better place.

Case at point, Luanne Park. Luanne has been a Team Montrail athlete since the beginning and is an accomplished and successful ultrarunner. She’s also a middle school teacher, and was recently named Middle School Teacher of the Year for the Northern California region.
In our eyes, this is an incredible accomplishment and a great honor. Congratulations Luanne, and while the conference to honor her will conflict with Luanne’s ability to run the Way Too Cool 50k, Luanne remarked “It’s quite an honor, but I’d rather be racing.”

USATF 50M Championship – viva italia



Francesca really performed well especially considering a real lack of training brought on by some recent injuries.Her USATF 50M victory was a little bitter sweet as Francesca is an Italian citizen and therefore wasn’t eligible for the cash prize.

However, the race director and volunteers did a fantastic job making everyone feel like champions!

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