Amy Sproston

About Amy Sproston

Portland, OR

Real (Primary) Job:
Finance officer at an international nonprofit

Other Sports or Activities:
Bikram yoga, biking, snowshoeing, baking, knitting, reading, salsa dancing

Favorite Sports Team:
The Paraguayan national soccer team

Favorite Trail Race:
Hard to pick just one favorite, but 3 of my favorites are: Massanutten 100, Waldo 100K and Miwok 100K.

Beer or wine:
Beer, preferably something local and hoppy

Trail Shoe of choice and why:
Mountain Masochist because it fits like a glove right out of the box and provides great protection. I’m loving the Rogue Racer, too–a great lightweight, flexible shoe.

Best Trail Running Memory of 2010:
Winning the JFK 50. I was challenged very late in the race, and managed to dig deep and hold on for the win. It hurt, but felt great!

Objective #1 for 2011:
Continue to work through my fear of racing and to stay injury free. My goal race for the first half of the year is Western States.

Person Who has Influenced You the Most:
My parents

Your Running Idol:
I just watched the movie “The Athlete,” so I’ve got to go with Abebe Bikila.

When I’m Not Running I Prefer to…
explore all that Portland and the PNW have to offer (although that often includes running….).

I Give Back to My Community By:
Volunteering at races and doing trail work.

I’d Like to Give a Shout-out to:
The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC)–it was through VHTRC runs (and friendships formed during those runs) that I got hooked on ultra running.


2012 Race Plans:

  • May 20, Sun Mountain 50 mile
  • June 23, Western States 100
  • August 11, Squamish 50 mile
  • August 31, UTMB
  • October, Wild Duluth 100k

2011/2012 Race Results

  • 2012 – February, Orcas Island 50k – 5th place female, 17th overall
  • February, Ray Miller 50/50 Trail Race – 1st place woman, 6th overall
  • April, 100km World Championships – 1st Place
  • 2011 - January, HURT 100 – DNF
  • March, Chuckanut 50km – 5th place female
  • April, Zane Grey 50 – DNS
  • May, Miwok 100k – 4th place female
  • May, Comrades Marathon – 21st place female
  • June, Western States 100 – 7th place female
  • July, Mt. Hood PCT 50 – 1st place female
  • September, World 100K Championships – 11th place female

[Photo Glenn Tachiyama]