Amy Sproston World Champion! – 5/4/12

Amy Sproston World Champion! – 5/4/12

By Amy Sproston

I’m not really sure how to put the 2012 IAU 100k World Championships experience into words. I’m still not sure that it actually happened. The month leading up to it had been trying, and had you told me at any point during that period what the final result would be, I would have laughed.

Lap 1: Meghan and I started off together, as planned, and lap 1 passed quickly (more so than intended) and fairly effortlessly. I felt good, Meghan felt good, life was good. My biggest fear going in was that I would have to make frequent bathroom stops, which would have caused me to break off from Meghan and just waste a lot of time, in general. An important lesson learned last year was that it’s hard to make forward progress when you’re squatting alongside the road with your shorts (huggers, in this case) around your ankles. I had taken one Imodium 30 minutes before the start, and it seemed to work. I didn’t need to dash into the bushes, nor did Meghan, and we were able to pace off each other as planned. The pace was quicker than intended (7:08/mile average for first 20K; we had intended closer to 7:15-20/mile) but was still conversational. Continue reading Amy’s IAU Ultramarathon Race Report.


Is this picture real? How did this happen?



iRunFar Interview with Amy – Team USA: Women’s 2012 IAU 100k World Champions


iRunFar: Good evening from Italy. It’s about 9 pm local time here, and we’re at the finish line of the 2012 IAU 100k World Championships. I’m standing next to some very fast women right now. This is Team USA who just took gold as a team and finished (from left to right): first (Amy Sproston), fifth (Pam Smith), and fourth (Meghan Arbogast). Ladies, how the heck are you doing?


iRF: Well, that’s the right answer. Probably shouldn’t say you’re upset with any of those performances.

Amy Sproston: A little bit shocked.

iRF: Shocked and happy?

Full interview here.

There has been some nice press on the race, and here are links to: Runner’s World, Running Times, USATF, IAU, ClifBar, and the Daily Review Atlas (hometown paper).

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