Gorge 100k and Quicksilver 100k – 5/27/15

By Joelle Vaught

2015 Racing Recap – 1/2 Way Done

So far it has been a year of 100Ks for me.  I started with Tarawera 100K in New Zealand earlier this year.  It was a last minute trip, my training was no where near what it needed to be, and the course was much too flat and fast for my me, but I had a wonderful experience and finished as the 8th woman.  At this point, I was still dealing with my injury issues that plagued me all of last year.  My next 100K was the Gorge Waterfalls 100K in Oregon.  I really didn’t have any expectations for the race, I was just excited to run on a course that I had heard was beautiful and challenging.  A bit before the halfway point I realized I was in 2nd place for the women and ended up passing Michelle Yates, who was in first, at the 50K aid station.  I remained in 1st until I faltered and she caught up and passed with several miles to go.  I held on for second place, earning me a spot in Western States which I accepted.  My most recent 100K was the Quicksilver 100K in San Jose, California.  This course also had a lot of climbing which is the type of race I prefer.  At this point, my injuries were feeling better than they had in over a year and running was again becoming really enjoyable.  I was excited to be racing against some amazing women and friends including Denise Bourassa, Meghan Arbogast and Darcy Piceau.  All very though competitiors for sure.  I felt great from the start and ran in the lead.  I had a great first 40 miles, enjoying the long climbs and the day.  Unfortunately, my difficulty getting calories in came to haunt me and the last 20 miles weren’t good.  I had zero energy and ended up hiking and stopping a lot.  I started to have a leg issue on climbs also.  Meghan passed me looking strong.  I continued forward motion, even though it was slow, and some how still ended up in 2nd place.  Hopefully I can work on my nutrition and have a little more success at Western States, I usually struggle in the later sections of the race!

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