Sean Meissner

About Sean Meissner

Date of Birth:
July 31, 1973

Place of Birth:
Dundee, Scotland

Current Home town:
Spokane, WA

Primary Race Distance:
Marathon, 50mi, 100 km

Other hobbies or sports:
Cycling, Snowshoeing, Canoeing, Nordic Skiing, Road Trips, Board Games

What MHW/ Montrail gear and clothing is in your quiver for a typical day at/ on the trail?

How were you introduced to your sport?
My sister April told me to run cross country while a high school freshman. A few years later, my xc team ran in a road relay race, which also had an ultra division for crazy people. I remember seeing them out there and thinking “Wow, that’s awesome!!”.

What inspires you?
Happy running dogs, new runners, big mountains

What advice would you give to newcomers to (your sport) today?
Ask others for advice, but try things for yourself, because everyone is so different in what works best for them (in all aspects of ultrarunning…and really, life, for that matter).

What’s your favorite pre race meal?
AB&J sandwich, banana, and hot Nuun.

What the first thing you look forward to doing after a long run / race?
Eating cheese fries!

How do you balance your training schedule with your “real” job?
I make running a priority.

Do you have any pre-race/ pre-competition rituals?
In 10 years I hope to be…

When singing karaoke, what song do you sing to bring down the house?
Eye of the Tiger

What music gets you fired up?

If you were a super hero, who would you be?
Scooby Doo


Career Highlights

  • Desert RATS 148mi, Moab, UT, Winner, 2010, 2011
  • 3 Days of Syllamo 95mi, Mtn View, AR, 2nd place, 2011
  • Canadian Death Race 125km, Grand Cache, AB, Winner, 2009
  • Run to the Sun 36mi, Maui, HI, Winner, 2009
  • Lithia Loop Trail Marathon, Ashland, OR, 2nd place, 2008
  • Spokane Marathon, Spokane, WA, Winner, 2008
  • Crater Lake Marathon, Crater Lake, OR, Winner, 2008
  • Tahoe 72mi, Lake Tahoe, CA/NV, Winner, 2006
  • Bighorn 50mi, Dayton, WY, Winner, 2006
  • Montrail Ultra Cup Series, 2nd place, 2005

Course Records:

  • Chuckanut 50km
  • Canadian Death Race 125km
  • Kneeknackering North Shore Trail Run 30miler
  • Scorched Sole 50 miler
  • Run for the Toad 50km
  • Calgary Marathon
  • Edmonton Marathon
  • Stormy 50 miler
  • Powderface 42km
  • Elk Beaver 100km



2012 Race Plans:

  • April 22, 100km World Championships, Seregno/Brianza, Italy
  • June 23, Badwater 135 miler, Death Valley, CA

2011/2012 Race Results

  • 2012 – January, Bandera 50k – 3rd – 50k
  • February, Hagg Lake 50k – 22nd overall
  • February, Hagg Lake 25k – 10th overall
  • March, Shamrock Run 15k – New Personal Record for 15k
  • April, American River 50 – 12th 6h42m
  • April, Peterson Ridge Rumble
  • 2011 – January, Hagg Lake 25k – 3rd place
  • January, Mt. Mitchell Challenge 40
  • March, 3 Days of Syllamo – 2nd place overall
  • April, Monument Peak 15 – 9th place
  • July, Wonderland Trail speed attempt
  • August, TransRockies
  • September, Tahoe Half Marathon – 3rd place overall
  • October, Bend Marathon
  • October, McDonald Forest 15k
  • October, NYC Marathon- 1st female, 2nd overall
  • November, JFK 50

iRunFar Coaching:
[Photo John Mackey Photography]